How it works

We look inside, on top of and around your website!

Scroll down for our detailed process or watch a 60-second overview.


Our Philosophy

Success comes from looking at things from your visitors’ perspective.

  • What type of visitor are they? Prospect, Existing Customer, Real Estate Agent, The Industry, Investors, The Media etc.
  • What are they trying to achieve and were they able to achieve it?
  • What device are they visiting from?
  • What is the overall experience for the visitor?
  • What is their overall impression after going through your website?
  • How does your website experience differ from your competitors, or recognized best practices?

There are also important regulatory and web standards that all websites must abide by to that tend to be overlooked — so we check those, too.

Our Process in 60-seconds


Design & Branding

It is imperative that the website address your audience properly and allow them to ultimately achieve a purchase, contact or leave their information. The design audit scores the following essential aspects:

  • Design Aesthetics
  • Usability – Ability to perform a task and optionally an online UX surveys with targeted customers
  • Is the design on par with your target customers’ expectations?
  • How does your website render on all devices & browsers
  • Branding (colors, fonts and logo)

Technology Audit

Our team of senior developers will dissect your website code (frontend) to provide a score on the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Site speed: mobile, tablet & desktop
  • SEO optimization of the code
  • Cross platform ability
  • Cross browser quality
  • Are you using the best platform to fit your needs?
  • Hosting costs & recommendations
  • Security

Content Audit

Words not only capture the attention of your visitors, but lead them to make desired actions. And sometimes they’re all you have. It is key to ensure that the verbiage on the website speaks to your audience, and makes the most of your offers, claims and calls-to-action. Our scoring methodology will measure:
  • Content appeal
  • Headline and call-to-action effectiveness
  • Typos
  • Clarity
  • Scanability
  • Length
  • SEO friendliness of your copy
  • Newsletter content & frequency

Social Media

A social media presence can be extremely important, but we know how difficult it can be to keep up with the channels. Rather than ineffectively trying to be everywhere, resources are typically best used on one or two most relevant (to tour audience) social networks. In our audit, we focus on scoring:
  • Design/How well do you present?
  • Are your messages well written and appealing to your audience?
  • Which social networks should you focus on?
  • Frequency/variety


You’re competing with a global world now, and whether you’re spending money on web marketing or not, it is crucial to understand how you perform in search and what areas can be improved. Our experts will analyse your on- and off-page optimization efforts to date, to identify areas of opportunity. The report will provide you a score & advice on the following:

  • On-page optimization
  • Organic ranking
  • Social metrics
  • Backlinks
  • Website authority (Domain & pages)

Undercover / Reputation & Competition


  • If you sell or provide a service online, we can implement strategies that will help identifies areas of improvement that will translate into higher conversion rates. Undercover means that we go through the entire process of buying your products or services. This gives us a hands-on picture of the checkout process, customer service, pre & post purchase experience, follow-ups, etc.


  • Are you a restaurant or hotel, a service provider or selling online? Then you know that your customers are reading reviews on Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites to help them toffee good — or not so good- about your brand. We will review these key reputation influencers and compile a list of recommendations.


  • To be ahead of the competition, you need to know who you are up against. Our team will identify competitors in your industry (local and/or international), and identify important and compelling areas and features that their websites offer that yours don’t.