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Running a successful website means that your conversion rates are higher than the industry standards. No matter how much paid advertising you do, your best bet is to spend little budget on improving your website!

Samuel Benisty, Project manager and founder

Frequently Asked Questions

We have worked on 50+ audits since 2015, for that reason we’ve got a very well oiled process and created a comprehensive document which consist in:

  • Introduction / What we did / Overview
  • Summary of the report
  • Details of each area (Design, Content, Technology, SEO etc.) – Those pages come with screenshots & comments + rating
  • Optional: Competition, Reputation & Undercover report
  • Conclusion: List of recommendations (Must-have, Good to have, Nice to have)

An average audit is about 50 pages.

Yes. Along with non technical comments/feedback, we’re explaining our findings, and recommendations essentially in the “technology” section with technical verbiage i.e. “Minify CSS & JS files to speed the website load”, “Use CDN servers to improve website load performance”, “Implement SSL seals and SSL on all pages” etc.

Yes. Every new audit comes with a NDA contract. All the data we collect from your website is strictly confidential and is deleted once the project has been completed for security purposes.

Depending on the audit package, it takes from 1 to 4 weeks to create the audit report.

We will be asking you to share, depending on the report, your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and other social media, FTP accesses. Once we have those on hand, we will provide you with an exact timeline.

Anywhere from 3 to 6 people depending on the type of audit. All of our staff have 10+ years of experience in the web industry.

Optionally, we use User Testing groups selected based on your typical audience to provide feedback (each feedback is provided as a video and we summarize their findings).

WebAudit is a division of ViUU Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

Our audit reports are provided as PDF and Powerpoint files.

As much as we’d like to show a sample report, we don’t want to take the chance of having this report stolen by potential competitors.

The basic audit starts at $1,250 up to $7,450+ for full reports.

This might seem like a big investment but you have a team of experts working on this project full time for 15 hours up to 90 hours.

The calculation is simple:

  • If your website generate $100K/year (1,000 sales at an average order of $100) from 50,000 visitors, your conversion rate is 2%
  • If the audit cost $3K (average price) and the cost of implementation of the top recommendations is $5K, your total cost is $8K
  • After the audit and implementation, you can expect a minimum boost of sales of 20% AOV (Average Order Value) and 20% of actual sales. You’re now having an average basket of $120 (vs $100) and generate 1,200 sales/year, you can then expect a revenue of $144,000/year. This figure grows to 40% minimum for a full report and implementation of at least 50% of our recommendations, giving a total sales of $200,000+/year!

Those aren’t delusional numbers but rather realistic figures from past clients.

We use the following softwares:

  • Photoshop
  • SEM Rush (GTMetrix, Woorank)

The rest is by hand!