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Smart people. Brilliant ideas.WHO'S BEHIND ALL THIS?


With over 15 years of web development experience, Mario would dissect codes (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP, Java, MySQL/SQL)

Mario Mancini

Senior Developer


Isabelle is an award winning designer with over 20 years of design expertise allowing her and her team to provide proper recommendations.

Isabelle Veilleux

Art Director


With 25+ years of copywriting experience, Jim will help you optimize your taglines / find typos and get your content appealing & engaging.

Jim Diorio

Senior Copywriter


Building websites since 1994, Samuel has vast experience in handling different kinds of website related projects and is the recipient of multiple awards. He is your project manager and oversees each project personally.

Samuel Benisty

Project Manager


With over 20 years of server / hosting management, Kristian has the answers to all hosting related questions!

Kristian Jankovič

Server Admin


Stephane heads the French Division and all SEO aspects of website auditing. With more than 15 years of website development experience under his belt, Stephanie is your man when it comes to SEO.

Stephane Benisty


115 Years of Combined Web Knowledge

Team WebAudit
Our team members started building, designing and writing websites when the web itself was being built— the early 1990s — working in various industries, search engine firms and digital/design agencies. Among our team are marketing experts who introduced Hotmail and MSN to Canada.

We’ve now got 10 years of website auditing experience and hundreds of successful websites under our belt — and a unique understanding of how to make a website perform.

Our Story:Solving The Conversion Challenge for Over 20 Years

Every single client has proudly reported a boost in conversion after our work. Here’s how it began.

From the very beginning of our work as designers and developers, we saw conversion rate became an increasing preoccupation with our clients. Despite spending huge sums in web marketing to grow traffic and sales, the ROI was negative or very little for over 90% of clients. Frustrated, they started asking us to analyze their traffic and SEO efforts. 

Then in 2006, a major online retailer asked for our help with increasing their sales. We tore their website apart, developing the critical and analytical skills and processes we’ve honed over the years.

Today, our streamlined process allows us to audit websites with high efficiency. And while a web audit is not top of mind for many clients, who still tackle conversions with expensive marketing alone, an audit — like a check-up for your body or a tune-up for your car — provides a rare and insightful perspective from both web professionals & customers, and always reveals many surprising opportunities to boost response and conversion,

WebAudit has analyzed websites from several industries, including:

  • e-Commerce
  • Real estate
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Services
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